Virtual Silver Falcons

Virtual Silver Falcons

The AIR.Tech Virtual Silver Falcons is a South African team of Real World Pilots who aim to accurately portray the disciplined art of formation flying.

Ryan Nelson

Falcon 1 – Flight Lead: Ryan PANDA Nelson

Panda holds a Private Pilots Licence and operates a Jaribu.  Currently a Commercial Pilots Licence student and is a commercial drone operator and video editor. He has 19 years of professional experience with RC Aircraft.

Jonathen Stols

Falcon 2 – Media Liaison Officer: Jonathen CHAOS Stols 

Chaos has been with the Virtual Silver Falcons since it was founded in 2020. He holds a real world Commercial Pilots License and currently manages one of the most advanced flight academies in the Western Cape, Stellenbosch Flight Academy.

Frank Moody

Falcon 3 – Team Owner: Frank PROPHET Moody


Prophet is the Project Manager for the development of the team’s aircraft, he is a Director of the Aviation Media team, TheAIR.Tech and Media Manger for Draken Flight Controls. Frank has his night rating and currently doing his commercial studies.

Falcon 4 – Slot Pilot: Clinton SPEAR Troskie

Spear holds a Private Pilots Licence.  He was a co-founder of Ravin Aircraft. Currently his is working on the development of the teams’ aircraft and simulator gear, he is the Owner of Draken Flight Controls as well as CT Developments.

Vaughn Naude

Falcon 5 – Solo Pilot: Vaughn JOKER Naudé

Our newest and youngest team member, Joker, holds a Private Pilots Licence, is a 4th generation pilot of his family, and is currently working toward his commercial with the eventual goal of joining the SA airshow circuit.

Rugene Frost

Falcon 6 – Exhibition Pilot: Rugene FROSTY Frost

Frosty holds a Private Pilots Licence and has accumulated time on various aircraft types. His first solo flight happened when he was just 17 years old in 2005. He Currently works for ExecuJet MRO Services as the Senior Quality Assurance Auditor.

Julian Tirazona

Falcon 7 – Reserve Pilot: Julian SKYHAWK Tirazona