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The Aerial Intelligence & ​Reconnaissance Technology Group is an aerial imaging solutions group, specializing in all forms of aerial photography, videography and surveying. 

It was noted that there was a gap in the market, where any form of aerial photography fell into one of two brackets, either done with unmanned drones, or done with rotor-wing aircraft.

The former while cost effective, becomes impractical with large jobs requiring extensive range or loiter time. 

The latter, being reserved for the high-end market, extremely expensive and often out of reach for the average client.

This is where TheAIR.Tech steps in. Pulling in the skills of fixed-wing aircraft, drone pilots and photography experts, we aim to merge the market brackets and offer a wide range of choice, able to offer the services of unmanned drones, as well as the services of a piloted fixed-wing platform, offering no compromise when it comes to quality or cost

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